John Stallworth


John Stallworth – Legendary Wide Receiver

John Lee Stallworth went to four Super Bowl Championships only to win all four. During his 14 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Stallworth caught 537 passes for a total of 8,723 yards and 63 touchdowns.

Stallworth held the record for most receptions playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers until Hines Ward surpassed it in 2005. Stallworth was selected three times to play Pro Bowl games.

High-School Football Days and Collegiate Play

Johnny Lee Stallworth was born July 15, 1952, to his parents, Mary and David Stallworth. He was the captain and running back for Tuscaloosa Central High School. The squad won only one game in his senior year.

Stallworth attended Alabama A&M University and played football for the school. Head coach Paul Bryant did not recruit Stallworth, but John did receive an Alabama A&M athletic scholarship and convinced the coaches to give him a chance as a wide receiver.

John was a two-time All-Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference pick as a receiver in the years 1972 and 1973.

Pro Career at Pittsburgh Steelers

John was the 82nd player in the NFL draft of 1974 picked by the Steelers in the fourth round of that draft. In his rookie year, he was an understudy but became a starter the following year and held the position for the remainder of his career.

Stallworth teamed first with Lynn Swann, then Louis Lips to give the Pittsburgh Steelers potent passing-receiving combinations.

Stallworth missed 44 regular season games when he battled fibula, foot, ankle, knee, and hamstring injuries. When he retired, the 8,723 yards and 63 touchdowns were Steelers team records.

He played in six AFC championship games and in four NFL Championship games – Super Bowl IX, Super Bowl X, Super Bowl XIII, and Super Bowl XIV. Of which the Pittsburgh Steelers were winners in all.

Stallworth led the Steelers by scoring the winning touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams after his team was trailing the Rams in Super Bowl XIV with a 73-yard reception from quarterback Terry Bradshaw pass. Sprinting to the end zone after an over-the-shoulder catch helped the Pittsburgh Steelers win the game.

This catch was so epic that it made the cover of Sports Illustrated and the like.

image of steelers john stallworth running with ball at sideline during game
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John holds Super Bowl records for career average per catch and single-game average. He had 12 touchdown receptions and 17 straight game receptions, including postseason play.

In 1984, he had a career-high 1,375 yards from 80 receptions and was named the NFL Comeback Player of the Year.

Stallworth helped the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat San Francisco that year in the 49ers’ only loss that year although the 49ers eventually advanced to win the Super Bowl against the Miami Dolphins that season.

Pro Football Hall of Fame Speech

In August 2002, Stallworth was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Stallworth addressed his first impressions about Pittsburgh in his acceptance speech and how they changed after a Super Bowl win.

His first day in Pittsburgh after the draft was a mid-winter night. It was snowing and cold, and the southern boy did not bring a winter coat to Pittsburgh. He felt the team was not terribly thrilled about the passing game, which is not good for a receiver.

Eight months later, it was again cold and snowing when the team arrived after the first Super Bowl win. His first impression of Pittsburgh changed when he saw the highway from the airport to the city lined with people who acted like it was mid-summer to welcome them.

The experience made a southern boy feel a deep appreciation for the people of Western Pennsylvania.

Life After Super Bowl XIV

After retiring from professional football, he, his wife, Flo, and his two children moved to Brownsboro, Madison County. Alongside his partner Sam Hazelrig he founded Madison Research Corporation in 1986 and paved the way to become a successful businessman.

Madison company provided engineering and IT services to the United States and commercial companies, including high-end capabilities such as system designs, software development, modeling, and analysis.

In 2000, Hazelrig left the company and Stallworth replaced him as the CEO of the company.

John then sold the company six years later in 2006.

John is now the head of Stallworth Foundation, based in Huntsville. It provides financial assistance and scholarships to gifted, underprivileged students at Alabama A&M.

He has served as part of the United Way as chairman of the Minority Business Council and is invested in various high-tech companies.

In 2009, John became part-owner of the Steelers under the Rooney Family franchise which founded the Pittsburgh Steelers team in 1933.

In 2014, adding another title to his formidable football resume, Stallworth was inducted into the Black College Football Hall of Fame.


What is the John Stallworth Foundation?

The John Stallworth Foundation is a private foundation that provides scholarships to college students in Alabama.

Is Donte Stallworth related to John Stallworth?

No. In spite of the confusion between the two because of the similar names, there is no family relationship between them.

What NFL team did John Stallworth play for?

Stallworth played for the Pittsburgh Steelers throughout his entire NFL career.

Is John Stallworth in the NFL Hall of Fame?

Yes. Stallworth was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2002.

How long did John Stallworth play in the NFL?

Stallworth played in the NFL for 14 seasons as a wide receiver with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What college did John Stallworth attend?

Stallworth attended Alabama A&M University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.