26 Best Football Colleges in the US for 2022-23

Best Football Colleges

There’s nothing like the thrill of college football. Many even consider it to be better than professional football, especially in smaller communities with nearby local college teams. If you’re looking at attending a school for four years, why not make an event out of it? That especially holds true if you are a football fan looking to get in on the excitement college football has to offer.

Ranking Methodology:

Luckily, we have assembled a list of the best football colleges. The criteria for ranking this list include factors like tradition, pedigree, National Championships, Conference Titles, stadiums, relevancy, academics, and other considerations.

We have also included key items to consider when choosing a college such as location, average tuition rates, cost after aid/scholarships, accreditation, and student enrollment. The following colleges represent the best football schools in Division I FBS.

The Top Football Colleges for 2022-23 Season:

University of Alabama

Location: Tuscaloosa, AL

Description: When you think of the best team in college football history, the University of Alabama has to come to mind. The Crimson Tide easily has the most successful college football program over the last decade, as it has won six National Titles since 2009.

Alabama has 13 National Championships in the Poll Era starting in 1936, which is the most of any NCAA football program. In addition, Alabama has claimed 28 championships in the Southeastern Conference, four Heisman Trophy winners, and the second-most wins in college football history.

It goes without saying that the University of Alabama is one of the top football colleges (if not the best overall). Their recent success can be credited to their current head coach, Nick Saban, who has built an unbelievably successful career since taking over in 2007.

Average In-State Tuition: $31,000

Average Cost After Aid: $23,000

Enrollment: 31,900

Home Page: https://www.ua.edu/

University of Notre Dame

Location: South Bend, IN

Description: Notre Dame has some of the best football culture and school pride when it comes to college football. This private university is located in South Bend, IN – and you can catch a Fighting Irish home game in iconic Notre Dame Stadium.

The Fighting Irish have eight national championships in their trophy room. That’s stemming back to the Poll Era starting in 1936.

While that’s impressive, Notre Dame has not won a National Title since 1988. They have gotten close a few times, but the latest generation of Notre Dame football fans have not witnessed their team hoist the ultimate prize. However, they can boast that their football program has the most Heisman Trophy winners (7) and fourth-most wins in NCAA history.

The Fighting Irish are tied for the most players from one college who ultimately made the Pro Football Hall of Fame at 13 members. Notre Dame also has the most student-athletes in the College Football Hall of Fame at 44. All in all, Notre Dame is one of the most beloved football teams in the country, as they have strong supporters across the map.

Average Tuition: $77,000

Average Cost After Aid: $33,000

Enrollment: 8,700

Home Page: https://www.nd.edu/

Ohio State University

Location: Columbus, OH

Description: Ohio State University is the proud owner of six national championships. As a member of the historic Big Ten Conference, it also owns 39 Conference Championships throughout the years.

Even though the Buckeyes are seemingly in the National Title hunt every year, only two of their College Football Championships came after 1971. The Buckeyes are actually tied with Notre Dame for the most Heisman Trophy winners at seven.

Ohio State ranks third on the all-time win list of the best football teams in college. The Buckeyes play their home games at Ohio Stadium, which is nicknamed “The Horseshoe”. This is an intimidating place for opposing teams to play, as it seats nearly 103,000 people.

That’s one of the biggest stadiums in the nation, and Ohio State college students look forward to packing their designated section every football Saturday.

This makes for an excellent college football culture in Columbus, Ohio.

Average In-State Tuition: $29,000

Average Cost After Aid: $18,000

Enrollment: 46,000

Home Page: https://www.osu.edu/

University of Michigan

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Description: The University of Michigan currently has the most wins of any football team in the college ranks. The Wolverines hold that designation over Alabama, a football team that has been on the rise in the last few decades.

Michigan is another member of the historic Big Ten Conference, claiming the most Conference Championships with 43 of them in football. Michigan has won two National Championships in the Poll Era.

The Wolverines have the largest stadium in NCAA football while playing their home games at Michigan Stadium, also known as the “Big House”.

This facility is a true spectacle of this legitimate football powerhouse, holding more than 107,000 people while routinely filling up to capacity. A countless number of Michigan student-athletes have gone on to become NFL players. That includes Tom Brady, who some people consider to be one of the best quarterbacks of all time.

Average In-Tuition: $31,000

Average Cost After Aid: $15,000

Enrollment: 31,000

Home Page: https://umich.edu/

University of Oklahoma

Location: Norman, OK

Description: The University of Oklahoma has won seven National Championships, which ranks as the third-most of all time. The Sooners are also tied for the most Heisman Trophy winners among football colleges at seven overall. Oklahoma currently ranks fifth on the all-time wins list, as they have won nearly 73% of their games.

The Sooners have had a high rate of student-athletes turn into NFL players. One of the best on that list is running back Adrian Peterson, who has enjoyed an illustrious career in the professional league. Many people regard him as a top-five running back of all time, and he currently holds the record for more rushing yards in a single NFL game.

Average In-State Tuition: $30,000

Average Cost After Aid: $21,000

Enrollment: 32,000

Home Page: https://www.ou.edu/

University of Southern California

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Description: The University of Southern California has won seven National Titles, which is tied with Oklahoma as third-most of any football team in college. There’s a solid football culture surrounding USC, as they have had six Heisman Trophy winners as part of their football program.

The Trojans were absolutely dominant in the early 2000s, as they won the National Championship in 2003 and 2004 while narrowly missing out in 2005.

The USC Trojans play their home games in the historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. There’s no shortage of school pride when it comes to Southern California, and the weather in Los Angeles is a nice advantage over most schools on this list.

Average Tuition: $80,000

Average Cost After Aid: $30,000

Enrollment: 20,000

Home Page: https://www.usc.edu/

University of Texas

Location: Austin, TX

Description: The Texas Longhorns are proud owners of four National Titles with the most recent one coming in 2005.

The state of Texas has a deep football tradition that permeates its culture. The University of Texas football team certainly benefits from that energy, which pushes it to one of the top football colleges in the nation.

The Texas Longhorns have two Heisman Trophy winners in Earl Campbell (1977) and Ricky Williams (1998). Numerous Texas players have been nominated for the most prestigious award in college football outside of those two recipients.

It should be noted that the University of Texas is located in Austin, TX – which is an emerging market that really accentuates college life for students.

Average In-State Tuition: $29,000

Average Cost After Aid: $18,000

Enrollment: 40,000

Home Page: https://www.utexas.edu/

University of Nebraska

Location: Lincoln, NE

Description: The University of Nebraska is the proud owner of five National Championships. The Huskers were regarded as one of the best teams in the 1990s, as they won three National Titles in that decade while coming close a few other times.

Nebraska is part of the historic Big Ten Conference, moving from the Big 12 Conference in 2012. They have three Heisman Trophy winners to their name.

Nebraska plays its home games at Memorial Stadium, which has a top-ten capacity of more than 89,000. The University of Nebraska has a unique situation compared to the other football colleges on this list.

Since there are no professional teams in the state of Nebraska, the community goes all-out to support their beloved college football team. A rich history with a pedigree for success helps as well.

Average In-State Tuition: $26,000

Average Cost After Aid: $17,000

Enrollment: 20,200

Home Page: https://www.unl.edu/

Louisiana State University (LSU)

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Description: Louisiana State University is most commonly known by the abbreviation LSU. The LSU Tigers are members of the Southeastern Conference with four National Championships to their name.

Louisiana State Tigers play their home games at Tiger Stadium, which has the well-known nickname of “Death Valley”. This is regarded as one of the most difficult places to play in the country.

LSU claims two Heisman Trophy winners, as quarterback Joe Burrow was the most recent award winner in 2019. The Tigers also won the National Title that season while going undefeated.

Average In-State Tuition: $33,000

Average Cost After Aid: $15,000

Enrollment: 24,000

Home Page: https://www.lsu.edu/

Florida State University

Location: Tallahassee, FL

Description: The Florida State Seminoles are a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference, and they have won three National Championships in the Poll Era.

The Florida State football program has a similar recent trajectory as Nebraska, which was outlined earlier. Both programs were elite in the 1990s, but they have struggled over the last five or so seasons.

It should be noted that Florida State has had some recent success while winning the National Title in 2013 behind quarterback Jameis Winston. Even though the Seminoles have not been as dominant in recent seasons, there’s no question that they still have one of the richest college football traditions in the country.

Given the resources and pedigree of Florida State, it’s only a matter of time before the Seminoles find themselves back on top of the NCAA football world.

Average In-State Tuition: $23,000

Average Cost After Aid: $10,000

Enrollment: 33,000

Home Page: https://www.fsu.edu/

University of Florida

Location: Gainesville, FL

Description: It’s fitting that Florida and Florida State are listed back-to-back. The two are heated in-state rivals that play at the end of every season. It is considered to be one of the best rivalries in the sport.

The University of Florida has won three National Titles, as their most recent championship quest came in 2008. The Gators were crowned as the top team in the country twice in three seasons between 2006 and 2008.

The University of Florida football program plays its home games at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Most football fans know this stadium by its nickname “The Swamp”, and it has one of the best game-day atmospheres in the nation.

Adding to the Gators’ reputation on the gridiron, Florida also excels in academics. US News ranks the University of Florida 28th in the nation in its updated list of best colleges.

Average In-State Tuition: $21,000

Average Cost After Aid: $6,000

Enrollment: 35,000

Home Page: https://www.ufl.edu/

University of Georgia

Location: Athens, GA

Description: The University of Georgia has two National Titles to its name. The Bulldogs won it all back in 1980, then they snapped a 41-year title drought by emerging victorious in the College Football Playoff of 2021.

While the University of Georgia has a solid football tradition over the years, it’s safe to say that they are emerging as one of the best football colleges as well. The Bulldogs have competed in two of the last five championship games, emerging victorious in one of those.

Georgia has two Heisman Trophy winners in program history, but that could easily increase with the Bulldogs attracting top talent to its campus year in and year out.

Average In-State Tuition: $28,000

Average Cost After Aid: $14,000

Enrollment: 30,000

Home Page: https://www.uga.edu/

Pennsylvania State University

Location: University Park, Pennsylvania

Description: Penn State has won two National Championships with four Conference Championships under its belt. The Penn State football team plays its home games in Beaver Stadium, which is one of the largest stadiums in the country.

Beaver Stadium in University Park seats more than 106,000 people, making Penn State home games a true spectacle in the college football world.

Penn State was the home of legendary head coach Joe Paterno, who has the most wins of any head coach in Division I college football at 409.

Needless to say, if your school search revolves around football, then Penn State is definitely one to consider.

Average In-State Tuition: $28,00

Average Cost After Aid: $18,000

Enrollment: 75,000

Home Page: https://www.psu.edu/

University of Tennessee

Location: Knoxville, TN

Description: Tennesse is the proud owner of two National Titles in football. Fans of Tennessee can attend a home game at Neyland Stadium, which has the fifth-highest capacity of any stadium in the country at 102,500.

The people of Knoxville have a massive interest in University of Tennessee athletics, and football sits at the top of that.

Perhaps that’s why CBS Sports ranked Tennessee 11th on their list of 25 top tailgates in college football for 2022. Rich tradition, a winning pedigree, and enthusiasm from a supportive fan base make the University of Tennessee an excellent football school.

Average In-State Tuition: $32,000

Average Cost After Aid: $19,000

Enrollment: 23,000

Home Page: https://www.utk.edu/

Auburn University

Location: Auburn, AL

Description: Auburn University has won two National Titles, enjoying some relatively recent success while hoisting the trophy in 2010. Auburn is part of the Southeastern Conference, which has absolutely dominated the college football landscape since 2010 and beyond.

The Tigers are part of that domination by securing their own title at the beginning of that movement. There are a handful of excellent rivalries in college football, but Auburn vs. Alabama has to be one of the hottest annual matchups at the moment.

These in-state opponents do battle at the end of the season every year, and it usually has implications for the College Football Playoff.

Needless to say, it’s the hottest ticket in town, if not the country, every November.

Average In-State Tuition: $33,000

Average Cost After Aid: $24,000

Enrollment: 24,000

Home Page: https://www.auburn.edu/

University of Miami

Location: Coral Gables, FL

Description: Miami has won five National Titles, which is tied for sixth-most in the Poll Era. Miami has had some outstanding teams throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.

In fact, Miami had one of the most successful teams in all of college football, as the dominant 2001 version of the Hurricanes is debated as one of the best teams ever to play the sport. An outstanding amount of athletes from that team went on to become productive NFL players with long careers.

While the University of Miami-Florida has not won a title since that 2001 season, the Hurricanes are routinely ranked around the top ten from season to season.

Average Tuition: $74,000

Average Cost After Aid: $47,000

Enrollment: 11,000

Home Page: https://welcome.miami.edu/

Clemson University

Location: Clemson, SC

Description: The Clemson Tigers are a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference. They have won three National Championships, two being recently in 2016 and 2018.

It’s safe to say that Clemson University is another emerging football program that is looking to compete with the University of Alabama for college football supremacy every season.

The Clemson Tigers are routinely one of the best football teams in the country every year, and they recruit at an extremely successful rate to maintain that status. The future is bright for Clemson University to stay in contention as one of the best football colleges in the nation.

Average In-State Tuition: $32,000

Average Cost After Aid: $20,000

Enrollment: 20,000

Home Page: https://www.clemson.edu/

University of Wisconsin

Location: Madison, WI

Description: Truth be told, Madison is a cool college town. Football stands at the heart of that in the fall and early winter months. USA Today mentions that the University of Wisconsin has a top ten tailgate environment in the nation.

The fan base knows how to gear up for football games with plenty of events surrounding Camp Randall Stadium on a football Saturday. It helps that the Badgers are consistently relevant in the national context of football.

Wisconsin has not won a national champ in the Poll Era, but it does have 14 Conference Championships under its belt.

Average In-State Tuition: $27,000

Average Cost After Aid: $18,000

Enrollment: 31,000

Home Page: https://www.wisc.edu/

University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA)

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Description: UCLA has claimed one National Championship in the Poll Era. That was back in 1951, as the Bruins sat atop the Coaches’ Poll in that season. While they haven’t won a title in quite some time, the University of California-Los Angeles still has a strong football tradition.

The Bruins play their home games in one of the most historic stadiums in the nation: The Rose Bowl. Not only does UCLA have an excellent football tradition, but they also thrive in academics.

According to US News School Rankings, UCLA ranks 20th overall in the nation for academics. That’s among the highest on this list of football schools.

Average In-State Tuition: $37,000

Average Cost After Aid: $14,000

Enrollment: 32,000

Home Page: https://www.ucla.edu/

University of Pittsburgh

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Description: It’s safe to say that the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a sports town. Football lies at the center of that with the NFL team Pittsburgh Steelers and college squad Pittsburgh Panthers.

The University of Pittsburgh has a rich football tradition with two National Titles in the Poll Era. Tony Dorsett represents Pittsburgh’s only Heisman Trophy winner, and he’s now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Other notable Pittsburgh alum to play in the NFL include Dan Marino, Mike Ditka, Aaron Donald, Larry Fitzgerald, Darrelle Revis, Curtis Martin, and Kenny Pickett – who was nominated (but did not win) for the Heisman Trophy in 2021.

Average In-State Tuition: $35,000

Average Cost After Aid: $28,000

Enrollment: 19,000

Home Page: https://www.pitt.edu/

University of Oregon

Location: Eugene, OR

Description: The University of Oregon is one of the up-and-coming football programs on this list. They don’t have a National Championship to their name, and their history isn’t necessarily as rich as the other schools on this list.

However, the Oregon Ducks have had a ton of success since 2010, which is the year they reached the National Championship game (ultimately lost to Auburn).

The Ducks have claimed five Conference Championships since that year, and they are seemingly always in the national conversation for football.

The University of Oregon also has some of the most unique uniform combinations in the world. Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike, attended the University of Oregon, so the Ducks are featured by one of the biggest athletic clothing companies in the world to establish new trends when it comes to football gear.

Average In-State Tuition: $30,000

Average Cost After Aid: $16,000

Enrollment: 19,000

Home Page: https://www.uoregon.edu/

Texas A&M University

Location: College Station, TX

Description: The tradition and pageantry surrounding Texas A&M’s football team are unparalleled.

As mentioned earlier, football is king in the state of Texas, and the Aggies certainly run with that notion. One of several traditions is the “Midnight Yell” which is a pep rally the night before each Texas A&M home game.

The rally is held at historic Kyle Field, which is where the Aggies play their home games. The stadium ranks top five in the nation for capacity at around 103,000. Texas A&M has one National Title in the Poll Era coming in 1939.

The Aggies have had 18 Conference Championships over the years, and they are ranked 22nd in all-time wins heading into the 2022-23 season.

Average In-State Tuition: $31,000

Average Cost After Aid: $19,000

Enrollment: 53,000

Home Page: https://www.tamu.edu/

Michigan State University

Location: East Lansing, MI

Description: Michigan State University is another longtime member of the historic Big Ten Conference. There’s so much tradition between Big Ten teams that it’s hard to keep track of all the nuances. For example, the Michigan State Spartans have rivalry games that end in one side getting a trophy.

The Spartans battle Indiana for the Old Brass Spittoon, Penn State for the Land Grant Trophy, and Michigan for the Paul Bunyan Trophy. On top of that, Michigan State claims nine Conference Championships in the Big Ten.

The Spartans also have two National Titles in their trophy room, but 1965 was the most recent instance.

Average In-State Tuition: $29,000

Average Cost After Aid: $19,000

Enrollment: 39,000

Home Page: https://msu.edu/

West Virginia University

Location: Morgantown, WV

Description: Although West Virginia doesn’t have a National Championship in the Poll Era, they consistently bring forth competitive football teams that add up to a strong program overall.

Case in point, West Virginia University ranks 21st in all-time wins heading into the 2022 season. That’s more than other programs on this list like Florida, Pittsburgh, Texas A&M, and Wisconsin. In the grand scheme of things, West Virginia has had a relevant football team for a long time.

Mountaineers football is a great source of pride for the people of West Virginia and the alumni who attend this university. The West Virginia football team plays in the Big 12 Conference, as it moved there in 2011.

Average In-State Tuition: $24,000

Average Cost After Aid: $13,000

Enrollment: 20,000

Home Page: https://www.wvu.edu/

University of Washington

Location: Seattle, WA

b The University of Washington has two National Titles to its name, coming in 1960 and 1991.

The Huskies football team ranks 25 in all-time wins heading into the 2022 season. Washington is consistently relevant in. the college football landscape, and they made the College Football Playoff in 2016.

The Washington Huskies also have 17 Conference Titles within the Pacific 12 Conference, which used to be called the Pac-10 prior to expansion.

While the University of Washington has plenty of football success to rally around, they also have to compete for attention with Seattle’s professional sports teams, especially the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL.

Average In-State Tuition: $29,000

Average Cost After Aid: $13,000

Enrollment: 31,000

Home Page: https://www.washington.edu/

University of Iowa

Location: Iowa City, IA

Description: Iowa is similar to its neighbor state, Nebraska, when it comes to football.

The state of Iowa does not have a professional sports team within its borders, so most of the local support floods to collegiate sports.

While the University of Iowa has to compete with another Division I program (Iowa State) in that regard, the Hawkeyes pick up a vast majority of the rooting interest in football. It helps that Iowa has had a better track record than its in-state competitors, with 13 Conference Titles.

While the University of Iowa does not have a National Championship in the Poll Era, it still gets a ton of support. In fact, USA Today regarded the Iowa Haywkes as having one of the best tailgate experiences for home games.

The people of Iowa love their football, and it certainly shows the growing enthusiasm and hysteria for their flagship college.

Average In-State Tuition: $25,000

Average Cost After Aid: $19,000

Enrollment: 23,000

Home Page: https://uiowa.edu/

Best Football Colleges: Others To Consider

The above list of best football colleges just scratches the surface on this topic.

There are numerous other colleges that can legitimately make a case to crack the top 26 rankings in this regard. Some of them have a ton of fan support and tradition but lack a track record of winning, especially at a high level. Others have National Championships to their name, but those titles came a long time ago, with their football relevance waning in recent years.

The following categories highlight some of the best football colleges that haven’t been mentioned in this article:

Other National Championship Winners

Of the colleges not ranked in the above list, the University of Minnesota has the most National Championships in the Poll Era. The Minnesota Gophers have four National Titles to their name, but they all came before 1960.

The Minnesota football program has waned in success ever since. It’s still a decent football team but not worthy of ranking in the list of best football colleges. Located in Minneapolis, MN – the Gophers will always sit in the shadow of the NFL team Minnesota Vikings in terms of support.

Army has two National Championships under its belt, but they came in 1944 and 1945. It’s difficult to classify any military school as a strong football college for a prospective student to attend. This is due to the extra requirements, high expectations, and military agreement associated with attending a place like Army.

Other teams with one National Championship in the Poll Era include BYU, Colorado, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Oklahoma State, Syracuse, and TCU.

Of that group, Oklahoma State seems like the best candidate to potentially crack the top 25 list of best football colleges. The Cowboys of Oklahoma State have been relevant on the national scene for the past 15+ years, and it’s a strong football team with plenty of momentum. That makes for a fun atmosphere on campus.

Other Best Tailgate Atmospheres

Tailgate atmospheres for football teams are a great indicator of where the program sits. A football team will only have great tailgates and surrounding events if a lot of people are interested in that program.

According to a CBS Sports article put together for 2022, the University of Mississippi-Oxford also has one of the best tailgate experiences in the nation. That speaks well for fan support and overall football tradition for the school. Plus, it’s a lot of fun. Ole Miss has had a quality football program in recent years, and they can be considered in the aforementioned list.

The SEC knows how to put on a football party because the University of South Carolina also made that list of best football tailgates. Similar to Ole Miss, South Carolina is another college to consider when looking for the best football colleges in the nation.

Other Heisman Trophy Winners

It’s pretty crazy how the Heisman Trophy award for the best player in NCAA football is concentrated in just a few schools. There are 11 programs that have three or more winners. All of them are listed above except for Army.

Looking through recent award winners, the University of Louisville (Lamar Jackson) and Baylor University (Robert Griffin III) are the only two colleges to have a Heisman recipient outside our list in the last 25 years. Both Baylor and Louisville represent quality football programs that have been up-and-coming in recent years. That especially holds true for the Baylor Bears.

Other Prestigious College Football Stadiums

Most of these were knocked out in the previous list, but not all of them. Having an epic stadium is a great sign of a thriving football program, and these are some of the best of the rest:

Boise State University has one of the most unique stadiums, as they have blue turf that matches their team colors. The Boise State Broncos are another one of those programs that have gotten significant traction in the sport over the past 20 or so years.

Lane Stadium at Virginia Tech is another very cool place to take in a football game. This is another mammoth venue with outstanding views and a buzzing atmosphere. The Hokies blast “Enter Sandman” by Metallica when their team is set to take the field. It’s one of the best entrances in NCAA football and an iconic scene that strikes fear into each and every opponent on the other side.

The Virginia Tech Hokies could very much be considered in the list of top football destinations, as they were on the fringe of making it to the 20-25 range.

Other Best NCAA Football Traditions

There are a ton of traditions packed through this article. Everything from rivalries to trophy games and pep rallies has been covered. However, there are a few more traditions in the sport worth mentioning.

If a college has a noteworthy football tradition, then that’s a good sign of a thriving football culture with a longstanding history of relevance and support.

Almost all NCAA football fans are aware of the tradition at Mississippi State University. Fans of the Bulldogs bring cowbells into every home game, and they make sure to ring them constantly through the four quarters.

The University of Arkansas is another NCAA football program that could’ve made the aforementioned list. It is right on the borderline, depending on who you ask. Arkansas has a rich tradition that includes a distinct catchphrase of “woo pig sooie” that the crowd chants in unison at Razorback football games.

Arizona State University also makes a strong case as a top football program. On top of having a consistently solid football team, the Sun Devils also have a strong tradition that will give any college football fan goosebumps. When the Arizona State football team makes their way to the field, they walk through the Pat Tillman Memorial Tunnel, which honors a former ASU star and NFL standout who was killed while actively serving the military in 2004.

How about Georgia Tech? They have been mentioned twice in this “also consider” section, so they must be doing something right. The Yellow Jackets have a longstanding tradition since 1961 of driving a Ford Model A Sport onto the field ahead of the team. This has become an iconic image in the sport over the years.


There are plenty of items to consider when building a list of the top NCAA football colleges in the nation. You need to look at history, tradition, recent success, environment, and overall fan support/enthusiasm. The schools in this list have it all, and you really can’t go wrong when looking at any of them.

Sorting through this list comes down to a matter of preference, but this article should give you an excellent starting point when deciding on the best football programs over time.

Who knows what the next 10-20 years will bring? Looking back 20 years ago, the University of Alabama would not have headlined this list. In fact, it probably would not have been included in the top five. Things change rapidly in the NCAA football world, and it’s fun to look forward to the next emerging schools making their mark in the national landscape.

No matter where your opinion lands on the best football schools in the country, we can all agree that there’s something special about NCAA football that will continue to be the case for generations to come.

If you are looking for more information on these listed schools, feel free to check out their official website in the respected link provided in each school’s write-up.